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Don't be fooled by the word 'Vanilla'. The in-depth expressions of Myrrh and Saffron pack an additional punch that the deep sensual essence of vanilla is known to portray. Coriander coats the energy of coffee and floral components to rest on the solid foundations of Leather and Mahogany. Truly a remarkable and long lasting fragrance. Supreme is an understatement!

Perfume oil - Floral, Vanilla and Woody Notes
All Season Fragrance
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Lancome La Vie Est Belle (3).jpg

"If closing my eyes whilst taking in this scent is wrong, I don't want to be right". These words came out from the very lips of Mood Seasons' CEO! You get the picture! An immediate explosion of a deep, dark and sensual presence instantly causing you to close your eyes and commence with an imagination of paradise. The scent opens with a Pear and Blackcurrant note already presented in a Jasmine and Orange blossom middle note package. But this was not enough for us here at Mood Seasons, we wanted to really emphasize on a guiltless pride in being able to explore one's sensuality. It is 2020, and so to that end, we went a little crazy with the patchouli and vanilla base notes to prolong the experience for more than necessary. Vanilla, Tonka bean and Praline made sure the floral iris note continuously comes back like it never left. Sensual woman, free and proud? This one is for you! - Please be careful!

Perfume oil - Sweet, Citrus and Woody Notes
Summer Fragrance
Best Seller
medium Intensity].png
Good Girl .png

A naughty but nice fragrance which opens up with such innocence exhibited by smooth Almond and Coffee opening. Things start to get interesting with the dry down as an intense Jasmine and Tuberose envelope release jolts of a seductive tonka bean and cocoa blend. Looks can be deceiving, and Not so Good Girl proves this well known fact to the "T"

Perfume oil - Perfume Oil - Coffee, Almond and Floral Notes
All Season Fragrance
Full intensity.png
Red Velvet.png

When fresh Caribbean vibes meet the 7 days of creation! A gorgeous fruity floral opening greets you from the offset. Subtle hints of sweet begin to set to welcome your nasal tendencies. It's always a pleasure making this one

Perfume oil - Amber, Fruity and Floral Notes
Winter Fragrance
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