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Mood Seasons expands on this Fresh explosion of elegance with a particular emphasis on its sensual dry-down. The sandalwood and vanilla base notes maintain a classy manly focal-point, while its top citrus notes divert your attention to a natural beauty, prompting an appreciation of your surroundings. Rose and Patchouli dominate for long periods of time, periodically unleashing an array of Jasmine sunshine enshrouded within a mysterious Musky coating. A Lannister always pays its debts - And this scent pays for itself!

Perfume - Citrus, Woody and Floral Notes
All Season Fragrance
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Truly the scent of champions. Grapefruit top note creates that kick you need to set your day's tasks in motion with a combined anchor of mandarin and sea water to really alleviate your sense of ambition and willingness to do whatever it takes the seize the day! Complacency is not an option as the top notes transform into a reminder of what is to come with an overflow of Jasmine and bay leaf merged into the deep pockets of Patchouli and Oak moss. There is a dry down surprise - do let us know if you were able to spot it! - You are a champion indeed, so less talk - more action!

Perfume  - Floral, Fresh and Patchouli Notes
All Season Fragrance
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Look like a boss, smell like a boss. Mood seasons went for broke with this one ensuring that every note attacks at just the right moment to exhibit an authoritative and impactful session of fragrant bliss. Bergamot and Apple top notes blend perfectly within an exciting lemon finish to help carry a subtle floral initial outpouring. The central woody note is at the heart of the captivating fry down process. with vanilla and vetiver base notes joining forces with a diverse combination of olives, carnation, cinnamon and sandal-wood taking you on a well-deserved detour. Perfect for your private jet - if you have one!

Perfume - Grapefruit, Amber and Leather Notes
Autumn Fragrance
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