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Imagine if scent had the power to captivate so irresistibly that it could mesmerize anyone who dared to come close – slowly, like a captivating mystery unfolding. That's the enchantment of this oriental masterpiece, where saffron and Jasmine unite to create an aromatic experience that's nothing short of magical.


This fragrance is a work of simplicity and effectiveness, merging these two top notes with the warm embrace of Amber wood and Cedar wood, while Fir adds its lower notes to the symphony. The result? An olfactory journey that transports you to multiple dimensions, each taking its turn to captivate and bewilder the senses of those fortunate enough to be in your presence.


Scent is a fascinating concept, but "Incognito" takes it to a whole new level. Prepare to leave a trail of intrigue and fascination wherever you go, as this fragrance weaves its spell and takes your aura to an extraordinary dimension.



Incognito - Perfume Oil

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