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A scent that gets you smelling like a million bucks every time, with a dominant array of orange and grapefruit tone powerhouses merged with an unapologetic minted frame. The top notes scream Forbes list, even more so once the three musketeers of wealth; cinnamon, Rose and Spice start to join in on the action. Mood Seasons made sure your dry down experience was just as exciting as its initial application. Patchouli does what it is supposed to do, we deemed this absolutely necessary, with Leather, amber and woody notes acting as the leather interiors to your tinted windowed limousine. Please don't forget to pay your taxes!

Perfume - Grapefruit, Woody & Millionaire vibe Notes
All Season Fragrance
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A fresh, deep mandarin blossom of energetic charge alleviating your sensitivities with each level of notes. The citrus opening can be felt instantly, wrapped in a quantum energy packet of a fresh sea breeze-like freshness. Cedar wood and pepper middle notes merge together with cycles of Neroli sprinkles eating away in alternating steps. The solid Musky-amber base notes complete this powerful alluring scent with a Tonka bean and vanilla finish. Mood Seasons aimed to please with this one..

Perfume  - Amber, Sweet and Pepper Notes
All Season Fragrance
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Zeus Love.png

A romantic scent for a man of few words. Mood Seasons rendition of this familiar and renowned gem weaponized the ingredients to equip the user with a lot more than he bargained for. A complex opening of minty lemon with a party of top and middle notes all hitting at once. Apple note blends in quite well and lingers on to create ripples with the heavy base note hitters which are quickly becoming a must for todays man. Watch out for that vetiver, it comes when you least expect it! Ladies Man? Then this one is for you!

Perfume - Bergamot, Vanilla and Cedarwood Notes
Summer Fragrance
medium Intensity].png

At first glance at the ingredients, you may have immediately noticed the unusual combination of top notes usually associated relaxation therapy. Mood seasons went a step further by creating utter confusion to all noses with an immediate transition into a rude orange blossom awakening drenched in cinnamon glory. It's Dry down features an increased projection as the uniqueness of this scent comes back down to earth with a more familiar amber and wood combination, anchored down by the usual smooth suspect Tonka bean. I feel a French revolution coming on!

Perfume - Sweet , Floral and Calming Notes
Spring Fragrance
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